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DKB (Deutsche Kredit Bank) has been running since 1990 and is nowadays focused on private clients as a direct bank. 
DKB is considered one of the best German banks and has around 3 million customers. DKB online banking has been rated as one of the best German banks for several years already.



Free online account with no monthly minimum input

Free VISA credit card

Free DKB EC-card

Free Germany cash withdrawals in all ATM machines
(using the free VISA card)

Free worldwide cash withdrawals
(using the free VISA card)

Monthly credit card and bank statements online

Easy Online Banking

Mobile Banking

No annual fee, no hidden costs!
Every withdrawal with the DKB Visa card is free of charge!



Since the DKB doesn't have its own branches and isn’t connected to any ATM machines, all Visa-certified ATMs are available to you, and you can even withdraw cash with NO fee.

The Visa Credit card account is a credit account where an interest is provided on your credit card balance. DKB provides you interest on the balance maintained on your credit card account. Therefore, this account can be used as a overnight deposit account.


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