Advertising Policy


Advertising Policy: We would like to be transparent and honest with you. We use referral links on our website and blog. This is how we pay the bills. 

However, we want to keep our website & blog honest and only recommend partners who are based in Germany and who we genuinely trust. We usually try to provide you with products that are not only being used by expats but also by locals & German citizens. 

All the products we offer on our website and blog were personally tested and approved by our team. We, at myGermanExpert, are using most of those products on a daily basis in our private and professional life. As an example, we have a bank account with DKB since 2011, do our taxes with Sorted (freelancers & businesses) & SteuerGo (employees), took out health insurance via Feather, hold liability & home contents insurances with GetSafe and ordered certified translations from Lingoking. 

So you can be sure that all products we offer are 100% trustful & legit.

Check out our website to see all the services we offer: