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No matter whether you are staying abroad for a long term or only for a short break - do not forget that health insurance is compulsory for the whole population in Germany.

Private health insurance is chosen by those who do not fall into the compulsory public insurance category, e.g. self-employed or freelancers, employees above a certain salary, and so on.

Private health insurance is more complex because fees are based on your state of health, your age and on your insurance tariff, thus fees can change from one person to another.

Who would be eligible for private health insurance?

  • Employees (if you earn more than 4,687.50€ per month; data: 2016)
  • Civil service workers
  • Self-employed and freelancers
  • Students above the age of 30 (if you are under the age of 30, you'll need to get a waiver from the public health insurance)
Private health insurance fees can vary from one person to another. This can be surprisingly difficult to grasp if you're a freelancer and relatively new in Germany. Taking on a new client is a lifelong commitment for the insurance company – which is not allowed to throw out clients because of high claims or non-payment of their monthly premiums. So insurers are likely to require confirmation of your income. Many companies often require a minimum period of two years visa to be suitable for the private insurance. It gets easier when you have a German credit history of two or three years; so your situation could be easier if you decide to stay in Germany for a long term.

If you are employed in Germany and earn more than 4,687.50€ per month (gross), you can choose to leave the public health insurance and get a private health insurance. Your employer will contribute roughly half of its cost.

If you are young, healthy and earn a high salary, private health insurance may be (temporarily) cheaper than the public option.

Important: Should you switch to private it is very hard to go back to public. In certain situations it is even impossible!

Private health insurance is only allowed in exceptional cases. 

Reminder: Pupils, language students, students enrolled in preparatory (language) courses for university, trainees (not for university purposes), scholarship holders & doctoral candidates are only entitled to take out private health insurance!


Who is eligible for the compulsory public insurance scheme?

  • Employees (if you earn between 450€ and 4,687.50€ per month – 2016 data)
  • Students under the age of 30 (or until the 14th semester is reached)
  • Pensioners (if registered with a statutory health insurance fund or covered by a family insurance plan for a certain length of time)
  • Recipients of social welfare benefits
  • Freelancers (only if you had prior public health insurance cover in Europe & apply within 3 months of arriving in Germany – there are also other conditions)

What are the advantages of choosing the public health insurance instead of the private one?

  • Fees do not depend on your age or your health status;
  • You do not pay fees during the "maternity protection period";
  • You do not pay fees while getting sickness benefits;
  • Your medical history doesn't matter;
  • All public health insurance companies offer the same basic benefits and there is no difference between those benefits;
  • You can insure your children and spouse for free through the family insurance plan (if they have no income or only low income of their own);
  • Students with low or no income benefit from a fixed reduced rate.

If you need further details, you can read the full article in here.

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