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Studying in Germany

First steps to studying in Germany 

(for non-EU nationals)


Are you a student ready to enroll in a German higher education institution? Or a Ph.D. candidate. Here are the first steps you need to take when moving to Germany.

1. Apply for admission to a German university (from abroad)

Requirements and application deadlines can vary from one university to another and from one programme to another.

If you get admitted to a German university, you can then apply for an entry visa, which could either be a student or an applicant visa. 

Check out the video below, that explains how the German higher education system works


2. Apply for a visa at a German mission abroad

First case scenario
You can be granted a student visa if you received a written approval for the purpose of study preparation or were granted a place at a German higher education institution. 

Second case scenario
If you are still waiting on the notice of admission (notification or application delays) or need to pass an entrance examination, you will have to apply for a student applicant visa. Upon your arrival in Germany, you will then need to visit your local foreigners' authority to get a residence permit for study purposes.

Check out this table of countries whose citizens require a visa to enter Germany.