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10 Steps to sorting your German paperwork

Practical Guide to sorting your German Paperwork
(for non-EU nationals - long-term stay)

Last update: August 2015
German Paperwork Help
10 Steps to sorting your German paperwork 

Apply for a job or university (of course, not from within Germany)

If you get a job or get accepted by a German university, you are then allowed to apply for an entry visa. 

Here is a Job Listing for vacancies in sectors where Germany has a shortage of qualified professionals.

* If you are a citizen from Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand and USA (exception for the Green card holders), you can apply for a job while in Germany (within 3 months) as you do not need any entry visa.
* If you are a citizen from Andorra, Brazil, El Salvador, Honduras, Monaco and San Marino, you do not need an entry visa if your only purpose is studying, so you can apply for a student permit while in Germany. However, you will not be allowed to work at all. If you want to work, you need to apply for a visa before entering Germany.

Check out the Table of countries whose citizens require/ do not required a visa to enter Germany.

4 Steps to leave the German Church

Do you have enough of paying Church Tax each month?

Last update: October 2014 

How to leave the German Church
How to leave the German Church?

If you do not want to pay Church Tax of 8 or 9%, you need to leave the German Church as soon as possible. Not ticking the Church Tax box in your Tax ID application form (former Tax Card) may just be enough to avoid it, but it is no guarantee.

Here is the procedure for leaving the church for tax purposes

Ask the "Bescheinigung für den Lohnsteuerabzug" (for 2010 or 2011) in original version from your employer (see screenshot below). As from 2012, the Tax ID number is electronic so no need to request it anymore.

Bescheinigung für den Lohnsteuerabzug
Bescheinigung für den Lohnsteuerabzug

Depending on where you live in Germany, you have to go either to the Amtsgericht (Local Court) or to the Standesamt (Civil Registry). 

Only your passport/ID and your Anmeldebestätigung (proof of registration) are needed. In case you are married or have been married, you would need to bring the Heiratsurkunde (certificate of marriage).