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Working in Germany: Job Listing Sites

The Top Job Listing Sites in Germany

Last update: January 2016
Working in Germany

Looking for a job in Germany? And you have no idea where to start?

First of all, it helps a lot to have some sort of special skills and/or be a highly qualified worker, since an employer in Germany will need to be able to justify why you, a foreigner, could be the best applicant for the job instead of the German competition! Luckily for you, fluent English (and possibly German) can count, as there are many startup positions available. Obviously, specialized and advanced degrees can help too, as well as relevant working experience.

What are your chances, as a qualified professional, of migrating to Germany and to continue your career over here? 

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5 Steps for moving to Germany:

Get a Job! See Job Listing Sites below.

Apply for a Visa (if necessary)! Here is a blog about Visas for Germany.

Look for accommodation! Here is an article about Accommodation in Germany.

Register in Germany! (This is mandatory, even for Germans). Fill in your Anmeldung form in English, German, French, Spanish or Italian right here.

No, it's not done yet... there are still further bureaucratic steps to be taken (Health Insurance, Bank Account, Residence Permit,...). For more details, check out our article about German Paperwork.

Here are Job Listing Sites to help you:

Online market

Jobbörse - Bundesagentur für Arbeit (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian & Turkish) (in German) (German & English) (developer-focused job platform, in English) (German) (German)
EURES (multilingual) (German) (German) (German) (German) (German) (German) (German) (German) (German) (German) (academics, in German) (German)
Make-it-in-Germany (Government initiative, in German & English) (English)
Berlin Startup Jobs (English) (German & English) (English) (German & French) (German & French)
Wiley Job Network (English)
Connexion-Emploi (German & French)
The job of my life (vocational training, government initiative, in German & English)
EURODESK (youth mobility, in English)

Newspaper job markets (in German)



Trabajo en Alemania (Spanish)
Lavoro Germania (Italian)
Agentur Jobs Deutschland (German)
Jobs for Creatives (International)

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