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Just arrived: New Cat on the block (part 2)

Here is the second part of our "Just arrived" blog series - you can read the first part here. Cat has just moved to Berlin, Germany, from none other than Ireland and she's giving up her experiences for all to read.... (you can follow Cat on her own blog at

A big fear for me arriving was the U Bahn, because I was completely clueless about the geography of Berlin.  I had visited frequently in the past few months, but instead of taking the opportunity to find my feet a bit, I followed blindly (and more often than not drunkenly) behind whoever the party person was.  Despite my misgivings, it is actually very easy, although I would recommend getting a small U Bahn map for consultation.  On the U Bahn you will see people who look like they belong in fairy tales (and not only the princesses trust me, there's plenty of goblins too).  I'm really not kidding- I have seen examples of extreme beauty and extreme horror on the U Bahn, but thats why (until summer at least) it is my favourite form of transportation.

5 good things to know when new in Germany

5 good things to know when new in Germany

When waking up after hosting a big party it's normal behaviour to just wanna wrap your duvet tighter around you and prevent the sunlight from reaching your eyes. Usually, the last thing you want to do at that stage is to go "inspect the damage", and see what the kitchen and living room looks like. But the blow of having to clean up is eased when the mess is worth some cash. "Inspect the damage" in Germany is more like "inspect your earnings".
Collect your friends, and do a so called "pfand run". A pfand run requires a few friends helping out to bring bags of bottles to the bottle deposit machines at the supermarket. The money you earn can be used to fund your next party, or if you're not in a stage to think about drinking: a luxurious and fatty hangover lunch.

Read more about pfand in this blog: Young Germany - The importance of bottles

Just arrived: New Cat on the block (part 1)

Here is the first part of our "Just arrived" blog series. Cat has just moved to Berlin, Germany, from none other than Ireland and she's giving up her experiences for all to read.... (you can follow Cat on her own blog at

So, you've made the decision to move to Germany? Yeah, I did that too.  I went to Berlin for a week's holiday, and by lunchtime on day two, I had decided that I just had to be a part of it. One of my friends described it as 'the place where young people go to retire....'  and she was right. Vibrant, fun, creative and tragically 'poor but sexy', it seemed to be perfect to me.  (If I am honest, that sounds like my perfect guy, but in city form...)

Five life saving phrases in German



Where to register in Germany?

Last update: July 2014

Here is a list of the Bürgeramt in selected cities

Our interactive map can give you the address, opening times and contact details of the closest Bürgeramt to you. There are also links to apartment search sites for each city. 

Important: You need to deactivate your ad/flash blocker in order to be able to see the map.

Top 10 formalities when moving to Germany

OK, so we know this isn't exactly light reading here, but it's up to date and as simple as we can make it. Here is the top 10 formalities that many foreigners just moving to Germany will have to consider, and you can get more info at our website myGermanExpert.

Last update: November 2014
Procedure for longer stays and/or stays entitling to take up gainful employment in Germany

How to register your address in Germany?

Bürgeramt Registration Tutorial: the "Anmeldung Process"

Last update: July 2014

Check out our new flash tutorial above!

Our new flash tutorial tries to explain what needs to be done when first moving to Germany and how you can achieve this through our site. Enjoy. 

myGermanExpert goes live: the Anmeldung finally unchained!


Hello world!

As of the 28th of November 2012, myGermanExpert has gone live by launching it's online service. We are now invite visitors to come and check out our site and consider using our service. 

In a few words, we're a company that handles the stressful, confusing and time consuming chore which is filling in German paperwork, mainly the Residence Registration (Anmeldung)

There are quite a few formalities for a person moving to Germany and sometimes even having decent knowledge of the German language can still make you feel lost. Right now, we offer the service to help people register their address in Germany. We have many additional services to come in the near future, so bear with us. 

It has been a gruelling 12 months or research and development by the myGermanExpert team. We've grappled with, demystified and translated more German forms than we would care to think about. Actually, it's a task that we cannot believe we voluntarily undertook. 
We hope you enjoy the site and look forward to hearing from you. 

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